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About Me

Virtual image of Matt Hello there!

My name’s Matt and I’m a software developer! I may seem new to the software scene because I recently finished my time as a full-time student, but this isn’t true because I’ve been doing coding projects for years. My speciality is programming in OOP environments in languages such as Java, C# and C++. However, I also have experience with PHP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript and CSS/SaSS.

In general I enjoy technology, code, games, music, film and coffee. Lots of coffee.

Featured Projects

  • Runs on Linux servers, with software written in Java
  • Shadowblockz is one of my earliest projects which started in November 2011. Shadowblockz is a multiplayer Minecraft server on a much larger scale. It includes four Linux servers running five individual multiplayer servers each providing a different type of experience. Shadowblockz has been running for over six years and serves 112,000+ players.

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    TicTacToe Logo
    • Console Application in C#

    TicTacToe is one of the first basic games a programmer creates when learning a new language, and while learning C# I did the very same. I created a console based TicTacToe game with both AI and two player options!

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    Hangman Logo
  • Console Application Written in C#
  • Everyone remembers Hangman from their classroom years. I re-created the game in C#! It's completely console based yet easy to use and understand. It includes pre-set words that are randomly picked for the game, and a 'life' system.

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