Hello! Welcome to my website.
My name's Matt and I like to code. Here you can find recent projects I've been working on, posts about various topics and my contact information!

Recent Projects

Shadowblockz is one of my earliest projects which started in November 2011. Shadowblockz is a Minecraft Multiplayer server on a much larger scale. In total four dedicated servers providing five individual multiplayer servers each providing a different type of experience. Shadowblockz is what's known as a network serving over 111k players.
Visit the Shadowblockz website here: https://shadowblockz.com

Recent Posts

The beauty of Jekyll

Welcome to my Website! I've created this website so I'm able to share what I do with everyone, and to have a central website where all my work is located. I plan to keep this website as up to date as possible so I can reference it. In this first post, I would like to talk about the tools I used to creat this very site and why I highly recommend it to anyone in a similar situation to me.

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